UFO Sighting Reports at Roswell

There have been many of unique untrackable UFO occurrences since June 1947, coming from the 700+ unidentifiable findings the USAF couldn’t bring out clearly to the 30% of UFO happenings the University of Colorado (Condon Committee) research couldn’t crack, all multiplied by the residue of unknowns as put down into paper by other official investigations around the world. although the unclear to the ratio of clear UFO findings is 1 to 19 (5% of UFO references remain as unclear after an research by the experts to research), that still translates into a vast database of mystery. But the real Smoking Gun episode has to be one in which you can put something physical on the slab in the lab.


Fortunately, one case points specifically in that exact direction – Roswell, July 1947. Someone, somewhere, has extraterrestrial stuff on the slab in their lab. The fact that you can’t put it on your slab in your lab is beside the point. Not everyone can be a have; there are the have-nots too.


The Significance of Roswell, July 1947


# Roswell was a very, very sudden event in UFO background and those present were therefore partially untainted by the years of UFO findings that could have been the case if the Roswell occurrence came to being today.

# Roswell has historical documentation that nobody can dispute.

# Roswell involved local on-the-spot senior, no-nonsense, responsible and knowledgeable military officials. They had no need for an agenda to fabricate or exaggerate what transpired.

# The Roswell event involved multiple witnesses, both civilian and military. A child’s prank or an orchestrated hoax this most certainly wasn’t.

# The Roswell event was a close encounter that left behind slab-in-the-lab evidence for analysis. This was no vague fleeting point-of-light-in-the-night-sky sighting.

# Delightfully the Roswell event caught the higher-up powers-that-be with their pants down, otherwise, we wouldn’t have what initial facts we do have! Roswell found out an acne occurrence to the powers-that-be back then and still is a sore thumb to them for over sixty years down the line.


Roswell is unlikely to fade away over the next six decades unless there’s a breakthrough in proving or disproving the censorship and cover-ups, real or imagined, associated with its history. The powers-that-be have made a dog’s breakfast of the Roswell incident, the sort of mess that only powers-that-be can accomplish.


# Lastly, if the original version of the Roswell event as related by the RAAF press release and associated media coverage of that release – the capture of a flying disc – then there’s no question but that the powers-that-be are knowledgeable about the real bonafide existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, an E.T. that’s up close and personal.


These UFO Sighting Reports at Roswell have a huge significant as they try to clarify supernatural events that happen in those ancient times.

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